The 2018 Tax Organizers are on their way to your home!

Our Tax Data Organizer is designed to help you in gathering your tax documents and key information needed in order to prepare your tax returns accurately and completely. Please take some time to review the questions and documents requested when gathering your tax data for us. And, as always, contact us if you have any questions.

The organizer files have been customized for a standard tax client as well as other frequently requested pages. Additional forms are available as designated in the Topic Index. If one of these other areas apply to your tax situation, or you are not sure, contact us.

To access a blank organizer or selected pages, click on the links below.

2018 Letter

2018 Engagement Letter

Organizer Helpful Instructions

2018 Organizer Main Forms

2018 Organizer Business Forms and Home Office

2018 Organizer Rental Property Forms

2018 Organizer Sale of Your Home

2018 Organizer Child Care and Education Expenses

2018 Organizer Charitable Contributions

2018 Organizer Foreign Asset Disclosure

2018 Organizer NYS

For 2017 Individual Tax Returns:

2017 Letter

2017 Engagement Letter

Organizer Tips

Organizer 2017 General Forms

2017 Business Income and Expenses, and Home Office

2017 Rental Property

2017 Child-Dependent Care Expenses

2017 Sale of your Home and Moving Expenses

2017 Foreign Assets